Forget the Stereotypes

Forget the Stereotypes

Exhibition at the Immigration Museum

Through film and graphic treatments, visitors will be taken into the lives of four former international students and their lived experiences of home, work, study and leisure as they reflect on their aspirations, challenges, achievements and sorrows.

The central film has been developed specifically for the Immigration Museum in collaboration with the creative team of Catherine Simmonds and Irene Metter. It draws on the project Act of Translation (2017-18), a series of creative workshops with students from diverse backgrounds and universities which culminated in the powerful theatre performance She’ll Be Right. The concept, methodologies and performance were led by artistic director Catherine Simmonds OAM and documented by filmmaker Irene Metter.

A deeply moving experience, visitors are invited to discover the rich personal stories of international students behind the anonymous collective often presented in the media; and international students are welcomed into a space which is giving voice to their experiences.