LIMBO Project

LIMBO Project:

“Don’t know where we are going, but we are going”

A short film directed by Catherine Simmonds OAM & Irene Metter

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LIMBO, The Film

The lived experience of 21 international students during COVID 19

What is LIMBO? Ordinarily, it is an uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; an intermediate state or condition. But 2020 has not been an ordinary year. And so for 21 international students hailing from Tanzania to Thailand, Bangladesh to Brazil and China to Colombia, limbo has also meant:

  • Cancelled plans
  • Rediscovering lost passion
  • Questioning your purpose
  • Locked down in love 
  • Overwhelming isolation 
  • Reaching out to others
  • Feeling unwanted in a country you’ve chosen to call home. 
  • Getting to know yourself a little bit better

LIMBO is a short film that dives right into how 21 international students have been trapped in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, and how they’re getting out. 

Fun, humorous, and emotional, LIMBO gives our participants the chance to share previously untold experiences and raw feelings through artistic expressions, gestures and objects in their homes. Watch as they stick notes, throw socks, search for jobs, cook roti, make songs, read, stare, sleep, jump and hide as they attempt to keep their balance in the turbulent year that is 2020

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Interactive session

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Enhance your team’s working day!

Providing a great facilitated session by Catherine Simmonds OAM specifically nuanced to your meeting’s agenda.

The Film

14 minute film LIMBO (filmed on zoom) about international students coping with COVID circumstances.

The Session

Catherine Simmonds is a renowned theatre maker, workshop facilitator and a director of Story Is Connection. Having worked  for over 30 years with marginalised communities, she brings a deep knowledge and capacity to inspire people’s ability to share their lived experiences so that it can be heard and connected to the wider community. She will  meaningfully connect with the members of your team to deliver a participatory rewarding and illuminating session.

The Themes

Catherine will adapt the prominent themes identified by the international student in the film to suit your agenda: Mental health, loneliness, women’s cultural issues, students and the education sector, family ties, Work difficulties, social inclusion etc.

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What our audience members think of LIMBO Project

LIMBO from Story is Connection (SIC) touches the heart and all of your senses. If LIMBO were a culinary experience, then its aroma would be a melange from the spectrum of global delicacies. Story is Connection has taken the art of storytelling to a level that goes beyond a ‘doco’  using the powerful language of the Arts.  It has delivered to our minds and hearts, content that is moving as it is alarming.  

Beverley Pinder

Businesswoman, international student mentor and philanthropist

Every emotion, spoken word and story creates a bridge into the lives of international students, here in Melbourne and abroad. LIMBO is honest and raw, and you will laugh and cry with them through all the uncertainties.

Gary Lee

International Education Project Coordinator | City of Melbourne