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Diversity in action through the language of theatre.This unique creative process intersects art with international students’ personal experiences.SIC mobilises international students to connect to their own stories, to each other and to the wider community.It’s about...
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Why We Exist

International students take up temporary residence in our community (often for many years) but when you are not a citizen how do you create agency? The ‘international student experience’ is not just one story instead...
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Engagements with SIC


Workshops are the creative laboratory and community building process. We run workshops with international students and with local communities

Performance Scenes

Performance Scenes are the creative product devised to capture different themes and issues. Workshops and Performance Scenes utilised as a community and professional development tool.

Meet the Team


Irene Metter

Media Director

catherine simmonds oAM

Artistic Director

feifei liao

Managing Director


Juliet Wong Min

Heran Chen

Ujas Patel

Andrew Coulter

Skylar Lin

Ivan Wong


Nam Nguyen

Jason Hendriks

Maika Tran

Franklin Patrao

Jing Yang

Sheanis Chong

Ravi Pun

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Story Is Connection is a not-for-profit organisation, run primarily by volunteers. Your donation will help us reach more international students through our workshops and programs that will provide a safe space and community for students to be empowered through their authentic stories.